[Reunion] Putting information on a web site

Duane Thompson dst at rmhcn.org
Wed Jan 5 00:58:43 EST 2011

Hello to all that have subscribed to this mailing list.
I hope this list and the web site will help us share
information quickly and easily.

The web site <http://reunion.rmhcn.org> was created rather
quickly, but it should evolve to be a nice resource.  I
am always looking for suggestions, updates, and comments
in case something is't working as it should.

Recently posted files on the "history" page has a pretty
family tree chart and a 24-page file of family member
details.  If you check it out you will see that there are
an awful lot of blanks and missing information that needs
to be filled in.

Please invite any family member (or close friend) to take
a look, subscribe to the list, and help gather some of the
more recent family history.

Feel free to reply through the list (or off-list, if that
is appropriate), or even give me a call.

You can call me by clicking here:


Duane (Scott) Thompson
Centennial, Colorado

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