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Barbara Rhodes barbrhodes at cox.net
Sun Jan 9 16:51:40 EST 2011

Hi everyone,
We need to thank Scott for setting up this site. As my middle son Matt said" Holy Cow, thats pretty cool"
I know that I am encouraging my family to get signed up or at least start considering coming. I hope you are doing the same.  Now that Uncle Gene is on the mend, I am getting really excited for this to happen. 
I think that our date is pretty good, June 3rd to June 6. 
Ron and I think the Lamplighter Inn and Suites will be the best place to stay, but everyone is encouraged to check out what is available.  We know the event planner there and she assured us of the rate of $69.00 a night. I would like to go ahead and call them and set aside some rooms ASAP which can be cancelled up to 2 weeks ahead. If you think you might want to stay there let me know.Also how many nights you are thinking about staying.
Cheryle, Gene forwarded your letter to us and I was so excited to hear from you but also saddened to learn of Skips passing. It was so sad. Do you think you can work on your sisters, and all of your family about coming? Sounds like they are pretty spread out, but it would be just wonderful to see some of them.
I am planning on getting with my brother soon and brainstorming about what we want to do and places you might want to see.
That's it for now, but let me know what you are thinking?
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