[Reunion] What do you think?

Barbara Rhodes barbrhodes at cox.net
Tue Jan 11 09:37:17 EST 2011

Hi all,
Looks like we are adding more to the mailing list and that is exciting.
After visiting with Tom yesterday and reading Cheryle's comments (It was great by the way) I am wondering should we look at our dates.  Do you think we would have a better chance of getting the younger ones to come if we had it later in June?  Nothing is set in stone here,  Would that mess any of your plans up? My family could not participate the second week-end and the third week-end is fathers day so that would leave a choice of the first week-end or the last week-end 24,25,26.  I am not proposing this. I can do either . I just want your ideas and to do what is best for the majority. 
Also, Have we gotten any where with the Kenneth Thompson bunch? Seems like Mary said they went to school later there.
Ok Talk to me cousins or Gene.
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