[Reunion] What do you think?

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Tue Jan 11 11:05:43 EST 2011

Hi All,
I am surprised by the response of my family.  My sister Janie is trying to rearrange things so she and her husband can come.  School is still in session, but she thinks they can work around her absence for a few days.  One of her daughters lives close by in Pierce City, MO.  I'm not sure yet about whether her other three kids and their families can come.

I just talked to Mike, Skip's son.  He thought that he and his family could drive down from South Dakota, though it may only be for the weekend.  They could arrange to come at any time, so the date is not important.  I have still to talk with Skip's daughter Michelle.  Between the two, they have 16 kids.
Our daughter Heather from Hawaii called last night.  Her husband will be teaching summer school, but she wants to be there with her son Rylan.  She could probably come any time in June.  Our daughter Tanya is a bit of a problem, since she is still teaching school.  Possibly she, her daughter and maybe her husband could come for at least the weekend.  Our oldest daughter Chantel has four kids and is constantly running around taking them to various activities.  The kids are still in school in early June, but I doubt if any time is good for her.  After school is out, she will probably be even more busy.  So far, I don't think she is planning on coming, but maybe if her sisters are, she will change her mind.  If so, early June would probably be the best for her.
My sister Melanie will probably not be coming.  She and her husband are flying to Japan in April to visit their daughter and family.  Between the expense of the trip and the extra time off work, I doubt that they can make it.
The whole gist of this is that one date is probably as good as another.  Later June would probably be better, at least for Tanya.  Don't change the date, though, on account of us.  It sounds like it won't make that much difference.  If others want it in later June, then fine.  Otherwise, we'll work with the earlier date.
Joe, since we live in a fire area, most of our pictures are stored down the hill.  I'll have to take a run to the storage area and rummage through our boxes for the baby pictures.  I'll send them when I can.
Love and blessing to all,

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Hi all,
Looks like we are adding more to the mailing list and that is exciting.
After visiting with Tom yesterday and reading Cheryle's comments (It was great by the way) I am wondering should we look at our dates.  Do you think we would have a better chance of getting the younger ones to come if we had it later in June?  Nothing is set in stone here,  Would that mess any of your plans up? My family could not participate the second week-end and the third week-end is fathers day so that would leave a choice of the first week-end or the last week-end 24,25,26.  I am not proposing this. I can do either . I just want your ideas and to do what is best for the majority. 
Also, Have we gotten any where with the Kenneth Thompson bunch? Seems like Mary said they went to school later there.
Ok Talk to me cousins or Gene.
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