[Reunion] Let's confirm

Duane Thompson dst at rmhcn.org
Wed Jan 12 19:33:58 EST 2011


I happened to talk with [non-comuter] Sue Taylor and read her your
email.  She gave me Bob Cope's son's name and number: Stephen Wray
Cope in Belvue, Kansas (close to Topeka).  Around Christmas Sue had
told him of the [then] potential reunion plans.  I just finished
talking to him a few minutes ago, and he is going to try to come.

I will send him an email with the URL for the Reunion web sit and
mailing list information.  He said that he would check it out after
dinner (so I better send him the info now).

Yes, I think a lot of people are getting excited.


On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Barbara Rhodes wrote:

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> Also I have been thinking about Bob Cope. Didn't he have a son who
> lived in Topeka??  Susan are you guys in contact with any of his people?
> Maybe you can ask your Mom. Topeka isn't that far.

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