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It is truly amazing how quickly information can spread in this computer age.  I apologize to those of you who get this message twice.  That's because I'm sending this to two lists...the reunion website list and my email family group.  I have some of you in my email group who haven't signed up on the reunion mailing list yet.  Kudos to my brother Scott (he goes by Duane) for setting up the reunion website so quickly.  It gets better every day.
Barb -  You are doing a great job on planning accomodations and activities. I'm pretty sure you will need to block off many more than 10 rooms at the Lamplighter Inn, which I think would be the perfect place to hold a gathering. Their charge for a meeting room is very inexpensive for 8 hours of use.  
I left a message at the college art department to see if they knew of any local caracature artists.  I never got a reply.  It's not looking good.  The national referral services are way too expensive ($140+ per hour), and they would have to travel from Overland Park, Lawrence or Wichita.  Could someone in Pittsburg follow up on that for me.
So far, I have five of the cutest baby pictures to print on the name tags.  I have decided on the final design after the third revision on which the names and pictures are larger.  
As soon as each person confirms that they are attending, I will enter their names in the door prize drawing program on my notebook computer, which I hope will plug right into the Lamplighter's A/V system for projection to a large screen.  I have some ideas for some hilarious door prizes.
Does anyone think that karaoke would be fun?  I sing like a frog being strangled by a disappointed maiden after the kiss didn't work. 


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Hello to all,
Great to have Janie on board and Susan on the maybe list.
This just gets better everyday. From the feedback I have received I think that it is time to go ahead and make it official. The Thompson Family Reunion 2011 shall be held June 3 thur June 6 depending on each of your travel schedules.
We have made initial contact with Kenneth's kids Donnie and Marilyn.  I know Aunt Mary has expressed an interest in coming. Gene has talked to Marilyn and Scott has talked to Donnie. Gene says Marilyn wants to come.  I e-mailed both, but haven't heard back. Anybody know anything?
Also I have been thinking about Bob Cope. Didn't he have a son who lived in Topeka??  Susan are you guys in contact with any of his people? Maybe you can ask your Mom. Topeka isn't that far.
Joe, keep up the good work on the name tags. May be a few days before I get anywhere with that.  I talked with the lady from the Lamplighter Inn this morning on other business and she said she had talked to Joe and would get back to him with an answer to his question about audio video equipment.  I told her we are very close to making a commitment and would get with her soon. I would like to check once again on the room rates and availability of the Lamplighter Inn.   I think I will block off 10 rooms to start with. Do you think that is enough. I will send more  information when I check it out. You don't have to stay there but they gave Ron and I the best deal when be checked earlier. Each of you will need to make your own reservations.
Well, I can't come up with anything else right now. Keep working on your families. Is anyone else getting EXCITED??
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