[Reunion] upodates and tentative agenda as of Wednesday Jan.19, 2011

Barbara Rhodes barbrhodes at cox.net
Wed Jan 19 16:59:01 EST 2011

Hi everyone,
Tom and I had a wonderful and productive day. We tossed around a bunch of ideas and made alot of plans for our upcoming reunion. We still don't have everything nailed down and still need everyones input but I think we are going in the right direction.  Let me try to give you a tentative agenda.

Friday June 3 Arrival day Once you get your schedules worked out and if you need transportation from the airports we will try to assist you with that. We will be asking for your arrival times etc. at a later date.  If you are staying at the Lamplighter Inn you need to tell them you are with the Thompson Family reunion group.  I have blocked out 12 rooms. They are supposed  to be on the first floor but you probably should request that when you call for reservations. The rooms should be $69.00 a night.

Friday June 3--Rex's branch would like to host a "Welcome to Pittsburg cook-out"at Ron and Barbara's house.  That will be an evening event. 

Saturday Morning- There is a nice breakfast buffet at the Lamplighter Inn if you are staying it is free. If you are not staying there and want to eat with the ones staying you may purchase breakfast for $6.00.  We might want to know this ahead of time. We can work that out later.

Saturday Morning- We are looking into touring some of the points of interest to our family. We will continue to get this nailed down.

 At noon we reserved a shelter house at our best park in town.  We are working on a catered lunch. There is a wonderful acquatic center and a few activities we have in mind for that time period. We have that reserved until 4.

For Saturday Evening -  I am sorry to say I don't think we will be able to have our meeting room at the Lamplighter Inn but Tom and I have another place in mind that is just a few short blocks from the Hotel. We think it will be a great place to have a meal, maybe a program and just enjoy each others company.  It is $150.00 but we can have it for the entire day of Saturday. Joe, Im pretty sure it has all you need in the way of audio visual equipment. 

Sunday- We have some good ideas for Sunday but we are keeping them under our hat until we know more.

I know everyone is asking "How much is this going to cost?"
Tom and I think we can give you a pretty good estimate by the middle of February or before.

We also discussed the issue of child care. We both decided that we want this reunion to be for the entire family. We don't want to do anything as a group that children could not be included in. Personally, I have 3 small grand children and will have 5 by the time of the reunion.  If we know how many kids and what their ages are we will try to have fun activities for them also.

Scott does everyone have the password to get on to the Who's coming area?  This is something I enjoy checking everyday. So if you can's get to that, let Scott know.

This is just so wonderful. Our list is growing, but we still need to keep working on our families.  

I think all of us are watching everyday. So let us know what is going on. Questions or concerns or anything.

I am so excited to see my little cousin Darrel, ok Eugene is coming. And I see today all of my boys are signed up and so is Lennon.  Yeah!!!!!!

Sorry for the length. I had lots to say.

Love ya all

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