[Reunion] updates and tentative agenda

Duane Thompson dst at rmhcn.org
Wed Jan 19 18:04:55 EST 2011

On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Barbara Rhodes wrote:

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> Scott does everyone have the password to get on to the Who's coming 
> area?  This is something I enjoy checking everyday. So if you can's get 
> to that, let Scott know.

As we receive information/confirmation forms, I have been sending an 
acknowledgement message with the passwors.  Here it is for those mailing 
list members who have not [yet] submitted their confirmation:

      Thank you for submitting your information.  The list of those that
      will be attending the Reunion in June is in a password protected file
      to help keep that information from freely roaming the internet and
      possible misuse.

      That file will ask for a username and password, which is:

           username = thompson
           password - 2011reunion

      Please occasionally check the web site


      as we will try to keep it updated with new and current information.
      Also, if you haven't already done so, consider subscribing to the
      reunion mailing list


      (even if you cannot attend the reunion).  It is a convenient way to
      keep in touch, find out what's happening, and provide input.

Note, that list members can go to the listinfo page (above) and look at 
the archives of all previous messages.  So, if you've forgotten something 
(like the above username and password), you can still go find it.

In fact, I will repost it to the list with a subject title that will make 
it easier to find.

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